Cosmetic Dentistry

cosmetic dentistry.jpg

People choose esthetic dental procedures/surgery for various reasons—to repair a defect such as a malformed bite or crooked teeth, treat an injury, or just improve their overall appearance.  Whatever the reason, our ultimate goal here at Briggs Dentistry is to restore your beautiful smile.

common procedures include:

  • Bonding – A procedure in which tooth-colored material is used to close gaps or change tooth color.

  • Contouring and Reshaping – A procedure which aligns and straightens crooked, chipped, cracked or overlapping teeth.

  • Veneers – A procedure in which ultra-thin coatings are applied to the surface of the teeth to modify their color or shape.

  • Whitening and Bleaching – This process improves the appearance of the teeth by lightening to various degrees the shade of white. Our in office process is most effective however we also offer an at home treatment that also works very well but takes a longer time, usually around 2 weeks.

If you’re considering any type of cosmetic dentistry, we will first conduct an overall evaluation of your oral health and consult with you on which procedures may work best for your goals and overall dental health.